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Summer Camp

We're going to Camp Cherokee for 2023 Summer Camp!  It's going to be a blast.

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Specific Gear
Mosquito Netting

We'll be staying in open-walled canvas tents without built-in mosquito netting, so scouts might want to bring their own in order to sleep comfortably at night.

Pop-up Mosquito Netting.jpg
Eric's iPhone 172.jpg

Pop-up mosquito nets are available from several different vendors for about $50.  The cost is a bit more, but you get easy setup and versatile use because it is self-supporting.

Army mosquito netting.JPG
PVC frame for mosquito net.JPG
canvas tent with mosquito net (hanging).

Suspended nets can be found from camping stores and at Army surplus stores.  Cost ranges between $15 and $40 depending on quality.  Look for one that has enough length to go completely under the cot to prevent insects from coming up underneath it.

The camper in the picture to the left has suspended their net from the tent.  Far left is an example of homemade PVC frames.

Foot Lockers

A plastic tote will allow your scout to keep their gear dry and secure, while making searches for that one special item a bit easier than when they use a backpack.

Bring a simple combination lock on a wire.  Just enough to be secure, but not something with keys (that can get lost) or advance combinations (that can be forgotten).

The photo at right is of a typical model at WalMart for around $30.  There are many similar versions, all will work.

It should fit in their tent under the bunk or at the foot. 

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