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Williamsburg, Virginia

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Have a great summer and keep scouting!  We've got summer camp, high adventure, and a weeekend campout to look forward to!

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Court of Honor Video

September 2020 - March 2021

June 6, Swim Test and Summer Camp Info Meeting  
First Colony Pool
Instead of a meeting, we'll meet at the First Colony Pool for a swim test, advancement requirements dealing with swim rescue, and the parents can hang out and learn about the final summer camp coordinations!

June 13th   ScoutBook for Adults
King of Glory

While our scouts conduct their meeting, any adults who want to learn the ins and outs of ScoutBook can meet inside (in the air conditioning).

June 17-19, June Campout: Beaches, Water, and Shipwrecks  
Kiptopeke State Park

Summer is here and we're going to enjoy it on the Eastern Shore!

July 10-16, Summer Camp
Camp Shenandoah

It's the premier event of the year!  We're going to be the biggest troop there for sure and it's always a great time.  Don't miss it!

July 31- Aug 6th, White Water Kayaking
Summit-Bechtel High Adventure Base

Sixty miles of whitewater, four days of kayaks and a final day in a river raft, a quarter-mile zipline . . . it's the very definition of high-adventure.

August 19-21, August Campout: Ponds, Forests, and Tents
Camp T. Brady Saunders

The dog days of summer, a fishing pole, willow-shaded bank . . . the perfect acmpout weekend.

July 18, Annual Planning Meeting  
Gasink Law Offices
This is it, this is where the magic happens. The youth leaders will meet and plan out the major events for the rest of the year. Don't miss this chance to control your destiny!

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Summer Camp

Campfires, scoutcraft, merit badges, and new adventures.  Here's where to find everything you need to know about summer camp.

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Gear Guide

You don't have to spend a lot of money but you do have to pack smartly to enjoy your time outdoors.

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Discover the resources the greater scouting community has to offer.